Dentist Clinics International

Dental Clinics International is a not-for-profit established by Dr. Giordano to set-up fully functioning, well-equipped dental clinics in remote and underserved locations around the world. The concept being that after clinics are established, any dentist with proper accreditation can travel to the location and volunteer his or her services.

The idea first began to formulate when Dr. Giordano was traveling through Central America. As the locals learned he was a dentist they began to talk about their dental problems. After unsuccessfully trying to locate a clinic where he could address their dental needs, Dr. Giordano realized the challenge was not getting qualified professionals who were willing to help, but rather having the basic facilities where services could be provided.  In 2004 the first clinic in Punta Banco, Costa Rica was established and is still in operation, today having hosted dozens of visiting dentists and ancillary volunteers, and treating hundreds of patients who often travel great distances for treatment.

Dental Clinics International operates through donations of equipment and supplies that are transported and used to establish and equip these volunteer dental clinics. Quality used and repurposed materials such as dental chairs, lighting and dental tools are always in need along with in-kind donations from medical suppliers and freight and shipping companies. To find out how you can help or about new clinics yet to be established please email

The arrivel of the first donated dental chair
The arrivel of the first donated dental chair
One of the first patients being treated at the newly opened clinic
Located in the community the clinic proudly serves
Located in the community the clinic proudly serves

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