Porcelain Onlays (CEREC)

Conservative, strong and indistinguishabe from natural tooth structure, porcelain onlays are a great alternative to and replacement for the large traditional metal fillings that many of us have in our mouths.  In teeth that have been heavily restored, there is often not enough tooth structure to support a regular white filling so something more substantial needs to be used.   As the name suggests, onlays are bonded onto teeth where strength and support is needed.

They can also be used with great structural and esthetic success when a portion of a tooth has fractured off, thus often alleviating the need for a crown.

We are proud to offer onlays made using the latest in dental technology. CEREC 3-D.  With this technology a computer image of the tooth is generated and the onlay is designed right on the screen.  The software then communicates with a milling chamber where the onlay is recreated to the smallest detail out of a solid block of porcelain.